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Analysis of the in-depth investigation report on the development of nan an plumbing & bathroom hardware industry

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Analysis of the in-depth investigation report on the development of nan an plumbing & bathroom hardware industry

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Since the 1970s, luncang town of nan 'an has been known as the "town of beating iron".Nan 'an plumbing industry originated in the 1970s, is one of the earliest domestic plumbing industry manufacturing and sales base.Nanan plumbing bathroom industry to fujian province plumbing industrial park as the support, to "China plumbing township" luncang town and "China plumbing valve base town" yingdu town as the core, there are more than 600 plumbing enterprises, annual output value of more than 7 billion yuan, occupy half of the domestic market.

Fujian plumbing and bathroom industry producing area is mainly concentrated in: nan 'an, xiamen, fuzhou, the focus in nan 'an, xiamen.Mainly to produce faucets, valves, water tank accessories, inductive cleaning, bathroom cabinets.

Nan 'an to zhongyu sanitary ware, brilliant plumbing, shenluda sanitary ware, nine mu sanitaryware as the representative of the domestic sales enterprises, the number of brands occupied the current Chinese market in a considerable proportion, has also become the current Chinese sanitary industry base in the fastest development speed, growth potential of the largest industrial base.

Yingdu town of China hengban (nan 'an) valve base.It is one of the eight major industrial bases listed in the 11th five-year plan of fujian province.At the beginning of 2006, construction officially started, with a planned investment of 6.5 billion yuan.It has successfully introduced 23 enterprises including shenluda group industrial park, which is one of the large-scale professional valve manufacturing bases in China.

The valve exhibition center of 30 million yuan in yingdu is equipped with 700 standard booths for perennial exhibition, negotiation room, conference hall, multi-function hall, central square, parking lot and other facilities, which is a bridge for communication between valve manufacturers and valve dealers.

(1) industrial layout

At the end of 1990s, after in-depth investigation and research, the government of nan 'an city took advantage of the situation and formulated the plan of "three parks and one city" for water heating industry to build a water heating and pump valve industry cluster centering on luncang and yingdu.

Luncang is mainly positioned as a water heating industrial zone.Fujian province plumbing professional industrial zone is located here, with a total land area of 6330 mu. It is listed as one of the 15 key industrial bases facing the whole country in fujian province.The industrial zone is the first in China to be divided into three industrial parks according to the industrial supporting facilities, technological process, production characteristics and environmental protection differences: meiyu industrial park, mainly for casting, polishing enterprises and valve production enterprises;High-tech park, high-tech plumbing valve processing enterprises;Brilliant industrial park, to electroplate enterprises and supporting sewage treatment projects.At present, there are 22 enterprises in the water heating high-tech park alone.At present, the town alone has water heating, pump valve production enterprises 250, the enterprise annual GDP of about 2 billion yuan

The main positioning of the British valve industrial zone.South anhengban valve base is a key construction project, an area of 10 square kilometers.The base is divided into five professional functional areas, such as forging and forging, main processing, parts production, assembly and packaging, life service, etc., to build related supporting facilities respectively, to attract the strength and scale of valve enterprises to enter, will be built into a perfect function, complete categories, renowned throughout the country valve professional production base.

(2) luncangang center

In the second half of 2002, according to the linkage of market, industry and base, and the development strategy of integrating industrial resources and development potential with base construction, luncang town planned and built the first provincial township enterprise professional industrial zone nan 'an economic development zone (plumbing)(formerly known as fujian plumbing professional industrial zone).The economic development zone is the first in China to set up three parks and one market (three parks and one city) according to the industrial supporting facilities, technological process, production characteristics and environmental protection differences, with a total area of 7,446 mu.With the continuous deepening of carrier construction in the industrial zone, water heating valve and supporting enterprises have gathered in the park, forming a complete industrial chain from research and development, casting, machining, electroplating, assembly to marketing.

A high starting point plan, high-standard construction, make industrial area in 2003 was awarded the provincial party committee, the provincial government identified 15 national industry cluster base, one of quanzhou city in 2004 is listed as one of the six high-quality goods project, in May 2005, with the center of the upper pale plumbing industry by provincial government as the first batch of one of the industrial cluster in the province.

Town of hebron pale, the future will be sticking to "prominent characteristic, advantage, extend the total, good quick to two or morethings" strategy to promote plumbing sanitary ware industry, speeding up the construction of the "three garden city", strive for to 2011, realize the plumbing industry industrial output value of 5 billion yuan of above, the valve industry in industrial output value of 10 billion yuan of above, the formation of the national first-class, influence in the asia-pacific, radiation global plumbing industry cluster base.

3. Integrated development

China's water heating manufacturing industry, the production of faucets did not produce ceramics, ceramic production did not do the faucet.So, the toilet of a family and kitchen are decorated, buy the product of two above brands at least to be able to gather together, and two manufacturing enterprises use each other commonly stick card processing means to satisfy the need of the customer.Mutual labeling leads to the product quality can not be guaranteed, both sides profit margins are reduced.Plumbing industry investment in sanitary ware ceramics, not only to achieve the integration of high-end products, and international practices, more importantly, the series of products make up for the profit gap, to alleviate the pressure brought by the rise in prices of raw materials.

Accordingly, product of plumbing and warm wei yu extends to whole product chain from single product it is a big trend.Nanan plumbing sanitary ware enterprise also does faucet single-hantly by the past, extend to wait to room of wholesome pottery and porcelain, shower, ambry, achieve integrated product layout on the market.In recent years, nanan faucet hardware plumbing enterprises such as jiumu, brilliant, shenluda, zhongyu, have set foot in the production of sanitary ceramics, shower room products, the enterprise product line is more rich and complete.Before the Spring Festival in 2008, shenluda's sanitary ceramic production line was successfully ignited.On April 26, 2009, the ceramics project of jiumu industrial park, with a total investment of 1.5 billion RMB, was successfully put into operation.

Zhongyu bathroom has established a complete product line of faucet, sanitary ceramics, flower sprinkling, bathroom hardware pendant, hardware accessories, bathroom cabinet, bathtub, stainless steel sink, shower room, etc., which has laid a solid foundation for "JOYOU zhongyu bathroom "to become a world-renowned comprehensive bathroom brand.

(iv) brand building

There are more than 600 water heating and pump valve enterprises in nan 'an.In 2005, China's first batch of "China famous brand" plumbing enterprises total 7, and nan 'an accounted for 4: nine mu, zhongyu, brilliant, shen luda.Fujian also has 6 national inspection-free products and 8 Chinese well-known trademarks, including the above four.<br style="color: RGB (51, 51, 51);Font-family: Arial, Verdana;The line - height: 28 px % 3



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