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Hardware industry market segmentation momentum of rapid development

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Hardware industry market segmentation momentum of rapid development

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"Fifteen" period, the mold market overall trend steadily upward.At present, the domestic market on high - end mold demand is very big, but domestic mold must be in quality, delivery time and other aspects to meet the needs of users.Moreover, home appliances, automobiles, plastic products industry mold demand is the largest.International market: in recent years, labor costs in industrial developed countries have increased, which are transferring to developing countries, especially southeast Asian countries.Its domestic production of high, precision mold based, labor input large mold dependent on imports to solve.Therefore, the international market potential of low - end mold is very huge.As long as the quality of domestic mold can be improved, delivery time to ensure that the mold export prospects are very optimistic.In addition, the international market for rack and mold standard parts demand is also very large.At present, China has only a small number of exports to the rack.

After China's accession to the wto, along with the wave of integration of the world economy, the global manufacturing industry has accelerated to the mainland of China has become an irresistible trend, and China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base.Luo baihui said that the advantages of guangdong, especially the pearl river delta region, will develop into the world mold production center within 10 years.At the same time, in recent years, China imports nearly 1 billion us dollars of mould every year, among which precision, large, complex and long-life mould accounts for the majority, so from the perspective of reducing imports, the proportion of this kind of high-grade mould in the market will gradually increase.

Handtools market

The demand of American hand tools market was stable.While the U.S. housing market saw an increase in new homes at the end of last year, a large number of existing homes remain uninhabited, creating significant opportunities for home renovations.The average model and age of motor vehicles are getting older and older, which plays a certain role in promoting the sales of hand tools in the automobile after-sales market.In addition, electronic products distribution of forging tools demand is strong, especially adjustable wrench.

German demand for hand tools increased.In Germany, comfortable and labor-saving tools are most popular.The smooth grip that helps grip the tool and the beautiful appearance are important factors that attract them to buy.In terms of tool types, power tools are becoming increasingly popular.In addition, charging tools are becoming increasingly popular.New rechargeable tools on the market now have multiple rechargeable battery jacks that can be used in a variety of environments.Taiwan hand tools industry to adjust the product structure.Taiwan area hand tool industry relies on the product quality stability, the delivery on time, the product variety is complete, can match the customer demand, has certain superiority in the world.Besides, the sales of Taiwan hand tools are mainly in the market outside the island. At present, there are about 5000 local manufacturers, mostly distributed in the central part of Taiwan island, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.According to relevant survey data, in terms of individual categories of hand tools, the sleeve is the largest export, followed by the combination of hand tools, the third is gardening tools, the fourth is wrench, and the fifth is pliers.In terms of exporting countries, the United States ranks first, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

The cutting tool market

The worldwide market for knives will continue to grow.It is reported that the worldwide market for knives is growing.Among them, the growth of European and north American countries is stable, especially eastern European countries.The Asian market has picked up slightly with great market potential, while the markets of Latin American countries have witnessed significant growth, especially Mexico.In the past year, the tool market has experienced slow growth, mainly due to increased tool life and user requirements for the entire manufacturing process, replacing many machine tools and tools.And the use of multi-function tools, instead of a lot of previous single-function simple tools."In the future, customers will pay more attention to the research and development of tools, not only in the field of material and surface coating technology, but also in the tool products and their production process," the expert predicted.Focusing on manufacturing practices, the expert says, will help tool makers increase their market competitiveness in areas they are familiar with.

Technical update.Tool product technology, carbide tools gradually replace high-speed steel tools, especially circular tools.The application of coated tools is becoming more and more popular. In Europe, the market share of new tools for high-speed processing is increasing.Vendor dynamics.From the perspective of cutter manufacturer cooperation, there will be a lot of big companies in the high-tech market.

With relatively complete economic facilities, relatively mature industrial development and low labor cost, China has the comparative advantage of becoming a global hardware manufacturing center, and its hardware manufacturing industry has obvious characteristics of export-oriented development.The strengthening of the central position is firstly reflected in the overall growth of the export of hardware products in recent years: the export growth rate of major hardware products is higher than the growth rate of output, and even higher than the growth rate of sales in the domestic market;The main hardware and electrical products are in full bloom, power tools, hand tools, building hardware products these traditional export category products growth is very high.The huge market and central position will further attract the transfer of the manufacturing center of multinational hardware companies to China. The domestic hardware market should respond to the technological reform and innovation.



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