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The development of Chinas hardware industry has spawned a steel trading platform

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The development of Chinas hardware industry has spawned a steel trading platform

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The personage inside course of study points out, software of stock quotation downloads the growth prospect of our country hardware wealth is very capacious and broad kuangda, relatively strong to steel demand.Nowadays, the developed countries in the world are transferring their low-grade hardware products to the third world, and they only produce some products with high added value, which has created a huge market for the export of foreign hardware products.

According to the trend of the growth of the world's hardware products, domestic hardware products will be replaced, the product structure of zeroing and deterioration.It is reported, at present diy product becomes hardware market new favour.In recent years, in Europe and the United States with the destruction of the idea of the construction of hardware products to accommodate difficult demolition and maintenance from, can be dismantled (diy) products and tools by the market.Industry analysis predicts that the following two years of domestic construction hardware products will also be stupid, humane growth road.From this is pulling steel demand at the same time, the steel category, quantity, material, etc. to improve the new requirements, that still does not have to wait for domestic steel production enterprises diligent, supply when the hardware industry needs steel.

A few personage inside course of study think, foreign country becomes world hardware to process big country and give our country hardware industry to steel demand big country gradually.Although a few years ago the financial crisis had little impact on China's hardware exports, but from 1999 there was no improvement.The export earned foreign exchange increased from us $2.76 billion in 1995 to us $3.847 billion in 1999. 71.74% of the local distribution net was deleted, with an average annual deletion of 11.4%.In 2002, the output value of China's hardware industry reached 1895 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 19.15%. According to customs statistics, the export value was 6.774 billion us dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 24.51%. In addition, the output of gas water heater was 2.4384 million units, with a year-on-year increase of 19.18%.1.23 billion locks, 9.43% less than the previous year;Daily stainless steel products 415,000 tons, 24.56%.In 2005, exports totaled us $30.5 billion, 26.4% less than in 2004.

Foreign daily hardware industry into the forefront of the world.Since 1996, foreign countries have set up zipper, electric shaver, stainless steel ware, iron pot, blade, bicycle lock and other 14 technology development focus, pressure cooker, electric shaver, lighter and other 16 product focus.At present, most of those focuses have grown into leaders in the industry, while none have become leaders in the world. Food companies like supor cookers produce high-grade electric pressure cookers.Zhejiang superman electric shaving machine production did not surpass Japan sanyo company, become the world's third largest shaving machine manufacturers;Wenzhou dahu lighter factory has become the largest foreign metal lighter manufacturing enterprises, and has achieved a poor economic effect.

According to the investigation of relevant personage inside course of study, market of our country hardware tool is secondary distribution is zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, guangdong and shandong wait for a place, its outside zhejiang and guangdong are the most outstanding.Zhejiang yongkang has always been known as the hardware township, and zhejiang operators of the market operations do know quite strong, from the original hot pot products, stainless steel thermos cup to the passenger year popular skateboard car, to bring them rolling wealth flow.

Foreign iron and steel industry association deputy secretary-general shi-jun li analyses the domestic hardware industry of steel demand, in 2005, with a capacity of 14 million tons of steel hardware industry left left, delete and 8% to 10% over the previous year, the steel back through the more than three times the steel weight of the electric power industry, the dosage of wire rod is more than 7.5 million tons, dosage of plate 3 million tons.Domestic steel possession rate is 95%;By 2010 the industry will have added 18.5m tonnes of steel;In 2005, daily pure steel industry demand of 1.6 -2 million tons, 2010 demand forecast will reach 2-2.5 million tons.

Is held recently at the 2008 foreign steel wealth situation speech, the industry bo jia and relevant people pointed out that the foreign hardware industry is growing rapidly, the intensity of steel demand is gradually diminishing, the construction of a huge steel trading platform.



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