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Analysis on export strategy of hardware electric tools in China

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Analysis on export strategy of hardware electric tools in China

Date:2015-05-21 Author: Click:

China is a major manufacturer and exporter of hardware tools. Most of the power tools sold in the world are produced and exported from China. China has become a major supplier of power tools in the world.Although the scale of China's hardware tools industry is relatively large, but due to weak technological innovation ability, too single market structure, weak brand influence and other factors, many hardware tools production enterprises often lack core competitiveness, it is difficult to do big and strong.

China's annual sales of tools is 14.5 billion yuan, of which cemented carbide tools accounted for less than 25%, not only with the international market structure of tools, but also can not meet the domestic manufacturing industry for cemented carbide tools growing demand.

At present, tool structure imbalance is the production of tools and demand is not right.For example: users need carbide tool gap is very big, but high-speed steel tool but overproduction;Modern manufacturing is badly in need of efficient tools, but there is an oversupply of low-grade standard tools.

In the domestic power tool market, domestic power tool sales have accounted for 90% of the total sales volume, while all kinds of imported brand products only account for 10% of the market share.China has become a global power tool manufacturing base as the proportion of foreign power tool market continues to expand.Domestic power tools market on the quality of power tools and brand more sophisticated, no matter the power tools dealers, or extensive direct users, are very serious about the quality and brand of power tools.Therefore, the market for good quality, good brand power tools tilt increased.This is an improvement and shows that the market for power tools is maturing.

"After the recovery of the international economy, hardware tools ushered in the export market, especially developing countries market development golden period."Market participants believe that due to the mechanical processing industry in developing countries is relatively lagging and comprehensive aging, generally there is a strong demand for imported tools hardware product, hardware stores quickly caught this great opportunity, through trade agreements and correspondence, gradually expand the capacity of the huge export market and trade business.Hardware when foreign trade enterprises situation, timely response and active participation in international exhibitions, improve product quality, increase product innovation, according to the international economic situation, to create a low carbon products, understand metal products are exported to the eu directive standards, etc., which began to expand overseas market standard, and improve our hardware products in the international market share.

Domestic hardware tools are widely used in geological exploration, stone, machinery, automotive and national defense industries and other fields, mechanical processing tools, geological drill and stone sawing tools manufacturing technology level has been greatly improved.Products have formed a series, standardization, variety specifications complete, product quality is stable, some products in the international market have a certain competitiveness.



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