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Analysis on the strategy of hardware building materials to resist winter

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Analysis on the strategy of hardware building materials to resist winter

Date:2014-05-21 Author: Click:

The hardware building materials market in 2011 is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, and most of the time in the cold period, the hardware building materials market depression, building materials stores and manufacturers are difficult for everyone to see.So why is the hardware market so difficult?

1. Shrinking demand, sluggish market and worrying performance

In 2011, real estate regulation and control policies were rolled out in turn, and the purchase and loan restrictions drove the real estate market to a trough. The building materials and hardware industry downstream of the real estate industry also failed to protect itself and became involved in the depressed hardware and building materials market environment.According to small make up, real estate regulation policy led to a sharp contraction of consumer demand, building materials dealers into a quagmire of survival, in a worrying situation;And in 2012, the housing market did not relax the slightest bit of evidence, let the already severe building materials industry situation become more complicated and confusing.

Two, the channel cost is still strong building materials hardware dealers

According to hui cong hardware network small edit understand, let building materials dealers feel the most helpless is high rent stores.In the cold of market of hardware building materials, rent problem appears increasingly come out, before many media had reported to live in building materials product profit exceeds 3 layer apportion to sell rent, this also is very big burden for dealer of building materials with poor performance.According to statistics, in recent years, the rent of stores has been rising rapidly. For example, from 2007 to now, the rent of the same position has increased from 300 yuan to 450 yuan per square meter per month, up to 50%.

As we all know, there are four seasons in a year.Therefore, winter is a regular link, not the sunset or the end of the road, not without hope, but contains great hope, no matter how bad the current situation, China's hardware and building materials is still a high growth contains a lot of business opportunities and hope industry.In winter hardware building materials should correctly understand the arrival of winter.

Three, the understanding of the industry winter view

If we take a moment to think about it, we can realize that the basic laws of the development and evolution of any industry (including the links and stages of development) and the direction of the line are the same, the difference is only in some nodes and the corresponding length of time is different.It can be said that the appearance of nodes like the winter of the industry is an inevitable link of the development and progress of an industry, especially in such an environment as the aggravation of bad competition, the lagging industry development model, and the impact of intervention on the external market demand, which was originally predictable.Cold winter such node for the development of the hardware and building materials industry and does not matter the point of good or bad, but it is a hook, over the past is just an upward threshold.

Four, the enterprise in the so-called industry winter behavior understanding

Industry many enterprises, especially traditional unchanged (stick to the traditional operation mode) large companies will now return to the winter season, therefore is based solely on financial guidance for next year's budget, small make up think, this is not necessarily the right, and it's not worth of small and medium-sized enterprises to copy and imitate, although big companies in the industry has great demonstration effect inevitably.I do not know whether you have paid attention to, the way of the world things winter is not the same, everything must have its individual differences, different types of enterprises winter way can not be exactly the same, must be designed according to the actual situation of the enterprise.In addition, your winter does not necessarily equal my winter, and everyone's winter does not necessarily equal mine, which is the same as what we often say that "the same method can produce different results in different people" and "different people view the same thing from different perspectives".Therefore for the hardware building materials industry winter, we must be positive, positive attitude to treat.



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