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Development trend analysis of hardware cooker industry

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Development trend analysis of hardware cooker industry

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Recently, the supor cooker with manganese has aroused the consumers' doubts and concerns about the safety of stainless steel cookers.Indeed, hardware cookware as a direct contact with food utensils, the application of its standards and health safety directly impact on life, especially in health and health is not a bit careless.This incident makes stainless steel cookware, and even the whole cooking cookware industry enterprises are nervous up.

Customers are the god. Only with the support of consumers can an enterprise achieve sustainable and healthy development. Therefore, taking responsibility to ensure the health and safety of products is the bottom line of establishing a brand.

But for good companies, sticking to the bottom line is just the beginning. How to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers through continuous innovation is the key to further development.In recent years, in response to various problems encountered by consumers in the cooking process, the product line of cookware industry has been gradually expanded, the function division has been more detailed, and the health level has been continuously improved. In particular, great progress has been made in the technology and innovation of the industry.Pressure cookers, frying pans, steam cookers, frying cookers, soup cookers, milk cookers and other products with different functions were welcomed and gradually led the market to realize the development from one pot to one pot for each dish.Consumers' cooking experience, cooking effect and cooking taste have become innovative points in the development of the industry.

In the internal quality control, the establishment of the product taste test control is a very good method.Bosch Siemens has a unique food manufacturing laboratory.There are a number of long-term hire a dietitian, specializes in making bread, pizza, biscuits, food, and at the same time to make the sample do detailed inspection records, the main task of the nutritionist, cooking is through continuous change, study how to use bossi products to create a more color, aroma and taste of food, to meet the needs of the consumers.This way of thinking and solving problems from the perspective of consumers is undoubtedly the most effective.

Shi sanlan, executive vice director of China association of hardware products, has pointed out that the cooking utensils industry has made great achievements in innovation, but the characteristics of the new era also put forward new requirements for cooking utensils industry, different products have different refined indicators, which is also the direction of future product and industry innovation.If the steam hole size of the steamer and the correlation between the quality of food, can find out the best combination of the two, for pasta, vegetables, seafood and other different foods, open different specifications of the vent, not only to ensure the degree of maturity of food, but also to ensure the taste of food, this is very worthy of industry research.

In addition, different climate conditions have an impact on local food culture and cooking characteristics. For example, in the plateau area, how to solve the problem of early boiling caused by low pressure through cooking utensils?How to satisfy north and south consumer different dietary habit?Nowadays people's living standard is rising day by day, pursue fashionable, beautiful bedroom environment, what kind of appearance design should the enterprise provide to meet the personalized needs of consumers?These should be the direction of cooker product innovation.In a word, hardware cooker enterprises want to grow after experiencing this storm, we must base on the quality of this, seeking innovative way.



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