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2014 China hardware and lock industry analysis

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2014 China hardware and lock industry analysis

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According to yu bosi industry market research center understands, of industry of door window of our country door develops quickly, the enterprise of lock and hardware fittings also is increasing rapidly, but major enterprise scale is small, enterprise concentration is low, production quality is not pass, equipment is backward, advanced sex is insufficient, the production enterprise of small store type held very big proportion.So, industry of hardware and lock did not form good system, without good production environment, do not have good product, do not have good product so the high quality of door window cannot get assure.

The hardware and lock industry needs to form a good system. It is urgent to improve the performance and manufacturing technology of doors and Windows in China.This needs to raise the technical level of hardware fittings of door window as soon as possible above all, also must raise understanding on the concept, change the supporting role position of hardware fittings, raise its position to due and important position.Only in this way can we really improve the performance and function of doors and Windows.

Hardware fittings of door window is static and dynamic two kinds of effect coexist, must satisfy these two respects at the same time, ability is high grade door window.This has essentially determined the refinement of door and window technology.

In many exhibitions, we have seen doors and Windows of many famous companies, which are quite good in appearance. Electrophoretic aluminum, even fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum, is equipped with insulating glass with bright colors and various styles, but the opening is not flexible, the shaking is big, and the configuration is unreasonable.This is the result of not paying attention to hardware.So true door window hardware fittings should have what kind of function?Besides the physical performance that satisfies door window, mechanical performance, satisfy the following condition even:

One is easy to operate, single point control, by changing the position of the handle to achieve a variety of open functions;Second, standardization and serialization, so that doors and Windows enterprises and construction companies can quickly install;Third, it is adjustable;Four is a strong bearing force;Fifth, high safety;Sixth, it is widely used.Seventh, the applicability is strong.High-grade door window hardware is good to assure door window, use precise mould basically and automation degree taller craft is made, material is in accord with the premise of intensity, with stainless steel, aluminium alloy, zinc alloy, high grade project plastic is given priority to.In order to get cheap, some enterprises use ordinary carbon steel to make, as a result, within a few months, began to rust.More have very person, graph benefit only, change material and configuration at will, leave serious safety hidden trouble to door window.

The quality stand or fall of door window is the hardware fittings that ensures a system to decide high-precision and high-precision profile are united in wedlock together, can make a good door window not certain.Good hardware fittings and good profile are combined together, still need door window company to spend great effort to undertake system project design and make, and with each concerned respect, especially the harmonious cooperation of hardware fittings, ability makes excellent door window product.Wooden door net small plait often hears somebody to complain the door window of the home or office is very inflexible, think the problem that is hardware fittings only.They ignored other problems, such as the quality of the strip, profile, slot accuracy (such as slot size should be the size of surface treatment), the machining accuracy of the set Angle.

The quality stand or fall of door window is to assure a system to decide by a series of complete quality, make door window must take seriously the systematic project that every make link seriously, want to change from fundamental especially the despise to hardware fittings.Hardware fittings of door window belongs to capital and technology intensive industry in western developed country, and our country is general the circumstance that capital is insufficient, technology is weak, still belong to labor intensive industry.This kind of gap that our country and door window hardware develop a country is narrowing.As the rise of compatriots living condition, the demand of door window hardware industry can bigger and bigger, and change to high-grade development.

The rapid development of door window makes the development space of door window hardware fittings is great.The improvement of living standard makes people pursue the door window of higher quality and high grade ceaselessly, such demand, it is the creation space that increased hardware industry development undoubtedly.Become hardware enterprise development direction according to market demand, develop ceaselessly, innovation, manufacturing the product that gives high quality is hardware industry base on fundamental, only such, door window industry ability is more on a floor.



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