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Improvement of loader bucket

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Improvement of loader bucket

Date:2015-09-03 Author: Click:

ZL50G wheel loader purchased by our company, its new bucket is used to push gravel loading conditions, the average service life of the bucket bucket teeth is about 15 shifts (8 h for 1 shift), and the main cutting plate with 100 shifts will become thinner, reduce the strength, and even appear fracture.

If the main cutting plate replacement, the process requirements are very strict, must ensure the main cutting plate and bucket between the geometric size.However, it is difficult to locate the geometric dimension of the deformed bucket, and it is also difficult to control the thermal deformation generated in the welding process, resulting in inconvenient maintenance and high cost.According to statistics, the maintenance cost of each loader is as high as 23,000 yuan due to the abrasion of the bucket only, and the downtime for maintenance of the bucket is about 100 hours.In view of the above problems, decided to improve the bucket.

1. Change the seat and bucket teeth

The original bucket tooth structure is M20 bolt through the fixed type, which has a low service life. In particular, the bucket tooth structure on both sides has a low strength due to design defects.Plus the driver often use side bucket tooth operation, generally during the average service life side bucket tooth to break 1 ~ 2 times.Each time the bucket tooth is replaced, the original bolt needs to be cut off with gas cutting tools, and then the new product is replaced. The single replacement cost is about 1300 yuan.


The improvement scheme is as follows: remove the original bucket tooth, weld the domestic horizontal pin type bucket tooth seat on the original main cutting plate, install the quick disassembly type bucket tooth, and finally reinforce the weak part of the side bucket tooth.The installation form of improved front and rear bucket teeth is shown in figure 1.After improvement, only a hammer and a crowbar are needed to replace all the bucket teeth. The driver can replace all the bucket teeth in 15 minutes, which greatly reduces the maintenance period.

2. Add additional cutting plates

First, two fixed holes with a diameter of 21 mm were drilled in each of the two bucket teeth of the original main cutting plate with a spacing of 220 mm.The additional cutting plate is then fixed on the main cutting plate.When the additional cutting plate is worn close to the main cutting plate, turn the additional cutting plate around and use it.This method can make full use of additional cutting plate and save material effectively.After the analysis of the maximum bearing capacity and wear resistance of the additional cutting plate at work, it is decided to use Q460 steel plate to make, the specification of which is shown in figure 2.



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