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Hardware industry development prospect analysis

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Hardware industry development prospect analysis

Date:2014-05-15 Author: Click:

Recently issued on the implementation of the "twelfth five-year" development planning of China's science and technology hardware city ", the group company proposed "to carry out the scientific outlook on development, around the city 'strong industrial city, ecological city, business living city, civilization xing city" development strategy, to quality for the main line, industrial linkage as the foundation, enhance the physical market, and stronger market online, do big professional exhibitions, planning and development in the service of advanced manufacturing high-end services market, enhance the level of corporate governance and to expedite the construction of city modernization and international hardware city provide good services."The guiding ideology for our future work has indicated the direction.To this end, we should according to the group company's work requirements, earnestly pay attention to the implementation of measures, solid promotion of the implementation of the work.We should take scientific development, quality improvement and energy enhancement as the main line of the 12th five-year plan, and run it through all aspects and links of our work.Especially around the center and the construction of modern international hardware city ", highlight the "travel live city, civilization xing city" the key, grasp quality is strong to the main line, further enhance the physical market, broaden the online marketplace, do fine professional exhibitions, to raise the level of corporate governance, creating province vigorously five-star civilizations standard market, brave and good at creative work, accurately grasp the professional market law of development of the goods, the breakthrough development obstacle, enhance the vitality of market development, create a new situation of the city hardware development continuously.

Chairman and general manager of the group company kong reflected in the deployment of this year's work pointed out that we should focus on capacity building, pay attention to professional knowledge learning and practical ability training, to enhance the ability and level of work.We will carry out intensive activities to create and compete for excellence, comprehensively promote management innovation, and constantly improve work efficiency, service efficiency, and management effectiveness.Do not make efforts to do real work, seek actual results do not vanity, pioneering and enterprising not complacent, down-to-earth not impetuous, hard work is not publicity, in the implementation of pay close attention to better serve the market development, service for business owners.Accordingly, all staff must change working style, strengthen study, work hard, sincere service.Good style is an important guarantee to promote work and achieve goals.We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of seeking truth, being practical and doing solid work, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, and earnestly make our work deeper, finer, more solid and better.

Challenges contain opportunities, the situation is inspiring, new goals and tasks are presented in front of us, we need to work together to create a better future.With firm confidence and lofty sense of mission, we should work harder with higher morale and more enterprising spirit. We should work with one heart and one mind to explore and innovate, overcome difficulties and create new splendor for the hardware city.

A year's plan begins with spring.Spring is the beginning of a promising New Year.The nice time in this spring, revitalized, yongkang "two meetings" of the just concluded further calls on the whole city to closely around the city the 13th party congress put forward the "strong industrial city, ecological city, business, living, culture and city" development strategy, the implementation of the new contribution for the construction of modern international hardware city.

Combining the reality of working group company of China science and technology hardware city, at present, the most urgent task is to seriously implement the "two sessions" thirteenth congress and zhuhai city spirit, actively implement the "twelfth five-year" development planning of China's science and technology hardware city "and the group company established annual work objectives and tasks, clear and detailed measures, all work steadily push forward the key, key points of the New Year.All the staff and the vast number of business households to enhance the sense of development, doubly cherish the development opportunities, with a new state of mind and work style, rapid action, through our unremitting efforts, to create excellent results, to the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the city's people hand in a satisfactory answer.



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