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Hardware tools industry marketing analysis

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Hardware tools industry marketing analysis

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According to the classification characteristics of hardware tools and the current situation of the industry, the domestic hardware tools industry brand competition situation is relatively shock.Skadden and Stanley remain the leaders of China's high-end brands, while other brands are unranked, which means there are still plenty of opportunities for others.Seize this brand chaos gap period, speed into the top three brands become the next five years of development the most worthy of thinking.

First of all, almost all enterprises are using brand to operate, will find their own level of differentiation from the main competitors, as the starting point of enterprise strategy.But many companies make the mistake of seeking product differentiation, not brand differentiation.Apart from the difference in price, it is difficult to distinguish between brands.The market will be based on the product price to brand positioning, forming: low price is to resist, high price is high-grade brand impression, to a large extent hindered the implementation of brand marketing.This is the core problem that makes it difficult for China's local hardware to become a medium and high-end brand.

Brand includes the core value and external performance of the brand. The differentiation between brands is to show the differentiation between brands through positioning.Brand positioning is based on the needs of the target market and their own advantages to position.For example, Stanley: world tool expert.Stan used the slogan to highlight his position as the world's tool expert.In the core value of the brand highlights the strength of the enterprise for a hundred years, the enterprise's expert identity to reach the difference with the opponent.

In other words, it is necessary to identify the target market, compare it with competitors, find its own advantages, and combine the market demand with the characteristics of customer demand to form the core value of the brand.However, local hardware enterprises in China have no understanding of this point, and some even use -- in addition to professional or professional wulitou core value expression, because most local hardware enterprises in China are so, we are not easy to name names.

Secondly, how to adopt the channel model, each enterprise should choose according to their own enterprise characteristics.From the current market demand and channel characteristics, it is unrealistic for middle and high-end brands to adopt the direct sales model. Product line and sales volume will directly determine the network model.At present, there is a great demand for mid-range products in China's hardware tool market, and the products can basically cover the second, third and fourth line markets.Therefore, for local hardware brands in China, if the product line is long enough, we suggest that we can try to transform the old dealer stores, shorten channels, distribute more points and deepen marketing.If the hierarchical agency model is still adopted, we suggest that we must strengthen the management of dealers, which is specifically reflected in the management of terminal sales price, the management of cross-shipment, the management of channels cooperating with brand communication, and the management of market feedback information.The health of channels and prices will directly affect the life and death and long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, the selection of channels needs to be cautious and the management of channels needs to be refined

Third, brand building and communication for China's hardware tools industry to solve the problem of positioning.Then the problem to be solved is the relationship between the brand and the product. Whether this problem can be properly solved is related to the smooth implementation of the brand strategy.For the theoretical problem of the relationship between enterprise brand and product brand, we no longer elaborate, we can draw the conclusion that: the long-term development of Chinese hardware tool brand enterprises need the strong support of enterprise brand, the independent operation of product brand, will encounter the bottleneck of development.This is to Chinese numerous brand operator, be worth thinking deeply.

Finally, in the field of hardware tools in China, enterprises' understanding of the role of media is deepening, but there is no concept of public relations at all.With brands so cluttered, it is hard to build a unified image without the power of media and pr.To make good use of public relations and media operations to accelerate the spread of the brand, to quickly expand the brand awareness of enterprises.

Enterprises in addition to the regular reports, need to make the news events, the media actively, had better be sensational, for example: when the haier in order to guarantee the quality of the product, smashed up a lot of unqualified products, media coverage, rapidly enlarged the haier's brand awareness and reputation, such events in our industry also exist, but I don't know how to spread, how to use properly, will save a lot of cost for the shaping of the brand, and quickly to distance with rivals.

It is safe to say that companies in the industry no longer have much pr to do other than do a bit of philanthropy.Actually the development of China's hardware industry is not very standard, if there is any enterprise to stand out, do something for industry standard, it will become the leading industry development, such as: led a brand enterprises, formulate industry norms or draft paper industry development, industry around the development direction of it, such action can not only improve enterprise brand reputation, but also has the public nature, make enterprises to become the industry leader, however is very big. 



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