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Key analysis of cabinet hardware industry development

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Key analysis of cabinet hardware industry development

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Hardware products currently on the market circulation of ambry, design is single, old style, workmanship, rough, there is no brand security, many consumers don't even know there are complete sets of ambry hardware sales, such products with hundreds of thousands of millions of homes and disproportionate, and home of the modern household collocation is antipathetic, intermediate above ambry hardware market there is a big market space.

Probably a lot of netizen can notice, the choose and buy strategy of a lot of furniture, ambry on the network can emphasize hardware especially, also have a lot of businessman to attract the attention of consumer, in advertisement commercial meeting emphasizes hardware especially.In the market, the most attention is a number of famous foreign hardware brands, and domestic products have been questioned by the owners, in fact, China's hardware industry after more than 30 years of development, can be called "hardware power".After joining WTO, with the decrease of import tariff, foreign high-quality hardware products will drive straight in, Chinese hardware enterprises directly face the impact of strong brand, how to achieve from "big hardware" to "big hardware" change?

Economic development to this day, all goods can be purchased in store, small to comb, big to cars, the past &present due to its save consumers shopping to find time, given the huge consumer confidence and pleasant shopping experience and popular all over the world, but in ambry hardware market, consumers can't find such a professional sales channels, consumption ability of people do not know to go there to buy things like, a city at dozens of home textile shop, but it doesn't even have a ambry hardware store.This is a huge market space.

Brand strategy into the key industry development

China's hardware exports only earn 3% of the total export volume, not only the content of science and technology, but also the brand.Brand includes a lot of content, include service, reputation to wait.Credibility is gold, integrity in business is the fundamental way.If we sell our hardware products under our own brand rather than under other people's brand, the price will be the same as that on our own brand, and our GDP will be multiplied.At the same time, do bigger and stronger our country hardware industry, the intervention of big financial group is a key factor.Japan's panasonic, SONY are not engaged in electric appliances before, but they are a very big consortium, after seeing the development prospect of household appliances, they are involved, now is unified the world.

How to create a brand that matches China's own market is an urgent problem we need to solve.With the accession of the WTO, a large number of international famous brands will also flood into China, which is what we often say "the Wolf is coming".There's nothing to be afraid of. The point is to have a good shotgun to stop it.The development of production and marketing of China's hardware industry must conform to the domestic and international trends toward internationalization, and new marketing - to promote the development of enterprises, to create an international concept.At present, China's hardware products almost no international brand, like zhejiang yongkang, although the domestic reputation, but it is zhejiang yongkang, not China yongkang, has not gone abroad.Believe that after a period of hard work, Chinese hardware products in the international brand will be more and more.

Market competition should develop in an orderly way

One problem that cannot be ignored is that our hardware manufacturing enterprises should put national interests first and never engage in unfair competition because of their own interests.China has a vast territory, the conditions of economic development in various regions are quite different, and the hardware industry also has obvious regional differences, which is related to China's national conditions and the characteristics of China's hardware industry.Suppliers according to the international mold and metal plastic industry association director luo hui is introduced, the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta region has become the fastest economic growth in China, in recent years, the Yangtze river delta economic zone has become the fastest growing foreign investment area, in this situation, jiangsu hardware industry has a huge advantage, this advantage will be radiation hinterland to expand, maintain and improve this advantage.For other domestic hardware industry bases, first of all, we should see that there is a lack of knowledge only through comparison, and there is only development through competition. However, the development of each hardware industrial belt will insist on the benign competition between each industrial belt, which will also be conducive to the enhancement of the vitality of the hardware industry in various regions and the acceleration of economic growth.Do the market must be linked with local demand and industrial development, hardware market is no exception, this is the need of the development of socialist market economy.

The development mistake area in ambry hardware industry development course

Standardized nonstandard

Industry standardization is in the integral ambry manufacturer of a few developed countries in Europe already execute, not only be helpful for the norm of the industry and development, also convenient consumer choose and buy.But at present in domestic manufacturer, only kang jie, ke bao, long sen, haier wait for a few big brand to be in truly execute standardization to run, a few small manufacturer, second-rate manufacturer did not have unified standard industry standard, and bring a series of problems to consumer.As we have learned, 80% consumer can be installed in ambry one year hind undertake adjusting to ambry, if add a few electric appliances and kitchen fittings or increase the storage space of the kitchen.If original ambry does not accord with the production of standardization, when transforming, need undertakes adjusting to whole set ambry.Such transformation, time-consuming and laborious, make consumer dilemma.

The quotation is not reasonable

At present the integral ambry on the market has two kinds of quotation means, one kind is to press ark put oneself in another's position, one kind is to press yan mi, have professional personage to express, yan mi calculates a price only about, do not suit the value of the ambry that every household can differentiate somewhat.Yanmi is the abbreviation of lengthening rice, one yanmi includes 700 centimeters tall condole ark and the ground ark of 850 centimeters tall commonly each meter.And doubt appears at this point, the ambry change of one yanmi should be a lot of, can be drawer, many small ambry, or it is the cabinet put oneself in another's position that does not have cupboard door to be used at those who insert dishwasher to wait, or it is the cabinet that is used at installing all sorts of special-form to pull basket to wait, and the price that presses yanmi to announce appears too general.Consumers will find that the quoted price and the actual settlement price are very different.In addition, some manufacturers do not indicate to customers which parts are included in the price range of the rice, which need to calculate the price alone.One comes two go, the businessman is done in simple sample, go up to the surface beautiful do, add a few parts to add money, and consumer stem suffer loss.

After-sales service is not timely

The ambry that serves as large durable goods belongs to one-time investment, the service life of foreign right ambry is controlled in 20 years commonly, because use frequency is high, add water in the kitchen, electricity, gas is more complex, the condition also is very %E



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