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How to distinguish when buying excavator commonly used wearing parts

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How to distinguish when buying excavator commonly used wearing parts

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In the operation process of excavator, the use of pure parts can not only reduce the operating cost of the whole machine, but also extend the service life, and finally protect the vital interests of consumers.In order to prevent consumers from misusing non-pure products and causing damage, we will introduce the method of authenticity identification of the filter, bucket tooth and nozzle often used in the operation of the equipment.

First of all, introduce the appearance of pure air filter and counterfeit products identification.

First, pure outside of the wire mesh spacing uniform, and brush with white anti-rust paint.And counterfeit goods are often just ordinary steel mesh, and steel plate holes are sparse, sometimes broken holes.

Second, pure inner wire mesh junction, welding surface is very uniform;And counterfeit goods most use spot welding, overlap wire mesh longer, one side of the warping.The fake air filter only imitates the geometric size and appearance of the real product, but it cannot meet the engineering standard requirements of the filter, and the filtering effect is greatly reduced.

Thirdly, the color of pure filter paper is milky white, fine paper, neat lines up and down, no deformation;The color of fake filter paper is sulfur or other colors, the paper is rough, the upper and lower lines are limited by the assembly conditions, the filter paper is extruded and the lines are bent.Poor filter paper ash capacity is too high, will make more impurities into the engine system, resulting in the engine overhaul in advance.

Fourth, the pure air filter in the bottom of the internal and external filter has the manufacturer's factory number, and the fake is not.

Now, introduce the wood filter, machine filter genuine and counterfeit appearance identification

First, pure appearance spray paint bright and clean, fake color dim, due to the shell steel plate material is poor, there are spots.

Second, the bottom of the pure drilling uniform, smooth silk mouth;The drill hole layout of the counterfeit is asymmetrical and the silk mouth has burrs.Burr or small metal impurities, if present, will directly into the engine system, causing scratches and wear of precision components.

The 3rd, the filter paper head and end of sterling article is the method that USES metal clip to bond, and counterfeit is to use staple needle or sew with the line more.Most of the counterfeit filters have a short circuit of the filter element, and the impurities do not pass through the filter paper directly into the engine system.

Next, introduce the genuine tooth and counterfeit appearance identification

First, the pure bucket tooth casting has the mark and the product number;Counterfeit or without marks or rough marks.

Second, the side wall of pure bucket tooth is thicker, seat slot and tooth are closely matched.Counterfeit wall is relatively thin, seat slot in front of the teeth fit clearance is generally too large.

Thirdly, the weight of genuine bucket teeth is 6KG(220-5 as an example), and the fake ones are generally about 4KG.Fake bucket teeth strength is not enough, not wear, easy to fracture.There is error in casting in the meshing position with the tooth root, which is easy to cause installation difficulty or the bucket tooth falling off during excavation due to too large clearance.Moreover, the use of fake bucket teeth will increase the labor intensity of drivers, affect the work efficiency.

Finally, the harm of using fake nozzle is introduced

Counterfeit injector processing accuracy is poor, will cause poor atomization, dripping oil, stagnation and other phenomena, resulting in black smoke engine.Accelerated engine parts of the early wear and tear, resulting in large losses.

Through the face of the daily maintenance needs of spare parts to identify the authenticity and harm of the introduction, I believe that consumers have had a more profound understanding.The value of these accessories themselves is relatively low, but their overall harm to the equipment is dozens or even hundreds of times.Therefore, we hope consumers can actively safeguard their rights and interests, avoid penny wise and pound foolish, stay away from fake products and choose authentic products.



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