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More than 80 percent of employees in ningbo returned to their posts as scheduled and most enterprises raised their salaries by 10 percent

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More than 80 percent of employees in ningbo returned to their posts as scheduled and most enterprises raised their salaries by 10 percent

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Zhejiang online on March 08 - Spring Festival travel has ended, the Spring Festival recruitment peak has passed.

How hard is it for companies to hire workers this year?Did the staff get a pay rise?This is a problem that many bosses and workers are concerned about.

Yesterday morning, ningbo city human resources and social security bureau (hereinafter referred to as ningbo people and social bureau) held a press conference, informed the employment situation of ningbo enterprises after the holiday.

Ningbo 1.66 posts and one person, the same as last year

Chen wenwei, deputy director of ningbo human resources and social security bureau, gave a set of data:

As of March 4, 109 fairs have been held in ningbo after this year's festival, 46 more than the same period last year.Service recruitment enterprises numbered 13,300, providing 341,500 positions, up 29.94% and 37.06% respectively from the same period after the holiday last year.The number of applicants reached 205,400, an increase of 33% compared with the same period after last year's holiday, and the overall recruitment rate was 1.66.

"Generally speaking, there are 1.66 positions for one person in ningbo at present, while the same period last year was 1.61, which shows that the supply and demand of labor market is basically stable."Chen wenwei said.

Eighty-five percent of employees in 226 representative enterprises returned to their posts

After this year's Spring Festival, ningbo human resources and social security bureau tracked 226 enterprises.

The 226 enterprises, covering seven key industries including manufacturing, commercial services, accommodation and catering, residential services, construction, transportation and wholesale and retail, are representative enterprises that use more foreign labor.

The 226 enterprises have a total of 186,700 employees, 88,900 of whom have returned home to visit relatives.As of February 26, the total return rate of employees in 226 enterprises has reached 85.14%, 0.15% higher than the planned return rate, and the return rate of 15 enterprises has reached 100%.

Chen wenwei analyzed the data, showing that the rate of employees returning to work after the holiday increased compared with the pre-holiday survey, but it was lower than last year's level, mainly because this year's survey was conducted one week earlier than last year.

In addition, ningbo monthly key monitoring 1351 employment enterprises, employment demand in narrowing.The 1,351 companies had a demand for 16,900 jobs recently, 2,473 fewer than in the same period last year, and 387 fewer than in January, down 12.78% and 2.24%, respectively.

Most enterprises get a 10% raise, and the monthly income of technicians is above 3,500 yuan

Did job seekers get a raise after the Spring Festival?

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