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The development direction of hardware mould industry

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The development direction of hardware mould industry

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The International Mold & Metal Plastic Industry Suppliers Association (IMMPSA) is an International and juristic body composed of enterprises, institutions and individuals of various industries related to Mold & Metal Plastic.The association insists on the combination of "production, study and research" and the development of "government and enterprise association". It has become a bridge connecting the government, enterprises and colleges in the market economy and is the reference and assistant for the management of government industry.Since its operation, the association has accumulated tens of thousands of customer resources, all levels of regional associations have joined the association as vice President, all vice President units members and international model association to share member information and list.

Member units have a strong mold, machinery, plastic, hardware and other products manufacturing capacity and supporting capacity, the strength of the increasingly modern member units, their existence, the support of the whole "made in China" backbone, can independently and efficiently complete each production process.Mainly according to customer and market needs to produce automobile, aviation, communications, photoelectric, IT, OA, home appliances, sanitary ware, toys, medical care, textile, building materials and other industries supporting mold manufacturing and hardware and plastic products.Adhering to the concept of "customers are god" and "grow together with suppliers", the association ADAPTS to the market demand and develops and prospers together with users.Association with the rich industry resources and industry influence, whole, focus on building the international mold association network, the international mold mechanical industry ", "international hardware plastic industry", die force times conference and exhibition, supplier selection, quality CEO BBS, elite club, such as the service platform, become mould machinery and hardware and plastic industry best three-dimensional media, promote exchanges and cooperation with counterparts at home and abroad elite entrepreneurs.The association will give full play to the efficiency of service, guidance, coordination, communication and "elite club", and work together with colleagues in the industry to achieve the goal of "made in China", "created in China", "made in China" and "equipped with international".

1. Creativity and innovation for development

Creative innovation is the eternal theme of enterprises, innovation is the basis of enterprise survival and development.Luo baihui, director of the international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association, said that the hardware plastic industry enterprises across the country will carry out innovative design activities under the guidance of the association.The association will continue to guide enterprises to take scientific and technological progress and innovation as the support for transforming the mode of economic development, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and strengthen the team of innovative talents.

2. Supply and demand cooperation for upgrading

Adhere to the supplier product quality investigation, especially on foreign trade products anti-dumping investigation, convened product quality analysis meeting, assess excellent suppliers, put forward management improvement measures to help enterprises improve product quality, upgrade.

3, quality brand to create high-quality goods

Every enterprise should strengthen their own product quality, only high quality can be recognized by the market, only high quality can win in the competition.Brand is not only a trademark, but also a combination of innovation, quality, commitment and confidence.Through unremitting efforts, the hardware plastic industry should not only have China's famous brand, but also become the world's high-quality goods, the hardware plastic industry should be made in China gradually towards the creation of China.The association will help enterprises cultivate famous brands through the professional authoritative media and exhibition platform of "international hardware and plastic industry".

4. Build a platform of communication and mutual trust

Peer is a competitor, but also partners, international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association responsible person luo baihui said, the association will be committed to the construction of industry information platform, we can exchange and learn from each other, to develop China's hardware plastic industry as their own responsibility.Peer enterprises should strengthen communication and actively cultivate a good mutually beneficial development mechanism.At the same time, the information should be well accumulated. The secretariat and the professional committees should do a good job in statistics and summary of all kinds of data, such as the number of enterprises with a certain scale, main products, output value, output and export situation.Should pay attention to the appeal of the enterprise, solve practical problems for the enterprise.

5. Green and low-carbon growth

At present, China's hardware and plastic industry has gradually entered the era of green management, energy saving and emission reduction has become an important new growth point of the hardware and plastic industry, energy saving and emission reduction, production of green products will become the strategic focus of sustainable development of enterprises.The association will actively guide enterprises to do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction, and strive to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction of 40% by 2020.

6. Self-discipline, norms and harmony

Competition is inevitable among enterprises in the industry, but vicious and unfair competition should be avoided.The association shall guide the member enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, regulate the behavior and practice of the member enterprises, observe the rules and regulations, be conducive to the healthy development of the industry, create a good atmosphere for common progress, and meet the coming new round of development.

7. Specialization in organizational construction

To strengthen the construction of organization, according to industry needs to set up relevant professional committee, such as stamping forming professional committee, the special committee of sheet metal, rubber and plastic professional committee, die-casting professional committee, the professional committee of machine tool, cutting tool, steel professional committee, mold professional committee professional committee, the software and the standardization committee, etc.

8. Industry alliance advocates standards

Promote the standardization work of industry alliance, set up industry standardization group, collect information and timely provide information to standardization committee, to avoid the phenomenon that the standard lags behind the production of products.

9. Member services create image

To further develop and expand the membership team, we should provide good services for members, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members and the industry, and carry out various forms of industrial activities in line with the needs of enterprises to attract more enterprises to join the association, so as to expand the association's influence and appeal to the industry.

10. Expand vision of exhibition business

Organize guangzhou international mould exhibition, chongqing lijia mould exhibition and shenyang international machine tool exhibition, and organize related enterprises to visit foreign countries, so as to enhance the development ability of international market and the research and development of new products.It is worth noting that "EuroMold Europe" and "Asiamold Asiamold exhibition" are the core products and services of "guangya Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD".EuroMold is the most famous and professional exhibition in the industry in the world. It has been successfully held for 17 years in Frankfurt exhibition center, Germany. It is the world's leading trading platform for mold manufacturing, design and application development.Asia mold is an extension of EuroMold in the Asian market.Since 2007, the organizers German DEMAT company hand in hand with guangzhou Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD successfully held the first Asia mold mold exhibition in Asia, and the success of EuroMold experience and resources to China, to create the Asia mold exhibition service in the international market, further closer to the global mould industry in engineering design, product development, processing and the distance of the manufacturers and users.

During the 12th five-year plan period, as the key support for the transformation and growth mode of the manufacturing industry and the adjustment of the industrial structure, the mould will undoubtedly play a pivotal role. In the process of undertaking the industrial transfer and promoting the industrial upgrading, the international mould and hardware and plastic industry suppliers association will become a big bridge to communicate with the government and auxiliary enterprises."Guangzhou guangya Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD." and "international mould and hardware and plastic industry suppliers association" choose this opportunity to marry, will shoulder the important task of communication manufacturing industry upstream and downstream industry, jointly promote the development of international mould industry.



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